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    One of the modern ideas for concrete sidewalks, patios, countertops, driveways, and pool decks is decorative concrete. The popularity of using the decorative concrete design is steadily increasing, from modern homes with detailed concrete driveways to modest one-room remodels that feature a gorgeous, stained concrete floor.

    Concrete is now regarded as a fun decorative element rather than just plain, gray, and boring. You can create the upscale appearance of brick or stone pavement by imprinting design patterns in freshly laid concrete—often at a lower price.

    You’ll be able to accomplish your home improvement goal with decorative concrete. You will undoubtedly adore the distinctive appearance it will give your home, which has a texture resembling exquisite materials.

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    Affordable Decorative Concrete Services

    Want to upgrade the look of your concrete structures? Think about the numerous decorative concrete solutions we offer. Our concrete company provides decorative methods that magically morph any area into something elegant and sophisticated. 

    In addition to being reasonably priced, decorative concrete is also easy to maintain, appropriate for indoor and outdoor spaces, and, of course, very durable.

    Our decorative concrete service in New Bern, Craven County, North Carolina, and East Carolina is the top option for clients looking for decorative concrete, stained concrete flooring, and decorative staining services.

    Decorative Concrete Driveway

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    9 Reasons Why Decorative Concrete is Popular

    The popularity of decorative concrete is due to the following reasons:

    1. Stunning Concrete Designs or Patterns.

    You are in for a stunning surprise after a decorative concrete installation. Many options are available to homeowners who choose to upscale through this method. It’s possible to alter the appearance of concrete features so that your walls, driveways, backyard, concrete walkways, and patios don’t resemble concrete structures.

    2. Remarkable Versatility.

    Homeowners can accomplish so many patterns with today’s decorative concrete ideas. You can play around with concrete any way you desire. Additionally, numerous ways to color concrete include acid stains, integral liquid, powder coloring, and color hardeners.

    1. Damage Resistance.

    Certain home areas, like the sidewalks, quickly deteriorate under heavy foot traffic. One of the benefits of decorative concrete is that it is sturdy enough to handle traffic both inside and outside. In addition, it doesn’t buckle when heavy loads are applied, making it more durable than other home improvement methods.

    Decorative Concrete in New Bern
    Decorative Concrete
    1. Boost Curb appeal and Home Value.

    Every homeowner hopes for more than just the preservation of the home. To increase home value and curb appeal, decorative concrete is the key. In US markets, decorative concrete increases the value of homes by up to 15%.

    1. Lower Maintenance Cost and Less Upkeep.

    As you further engage in home improvements, it stands to reason to add features that make it easier to take care of your home. Decorative concrete requires little maintenance and is, therefore, amazingly simple to maintain, so you get to spend your time on more valuable chores. Concrete surfaces only need to be cleaned regularly and sealed every five years.

    1. Eco-Friendly Installation.

    Decorative concrete is the ideal option for an environmentally friendly home improvement. Without removing the base materials or components that end up in the dump and simply enhancing the aesthetics, you contribute to building a healthier world.

    1. Budget-friendly.

    Enhancing the appeal of your home doesn’t have to be expensive! As previously mentioned, decorative concrete gives the appearance of priceless materials like stones. Additionally, adding new materials is unnecessary, so you don’t have to buy and install new hardwood or other materials.

    1. Improved Air Quality.

    Concrete offers an interesting in-home remedy for asthmatics because it is resistant to things that cause allergic reactions. The non-porous characteristics of concrete prevent particles like dust, pollen, and dirt from penetrating.

    1. Keeps Place Cool.

    Concrete is perfect for both commercial and residential buildings because it keeps buildings warm in the winter and cools in the summer. What’s best? If you already have a concrete floor, we wouldn’t need to tear it out and replace it—we would only do concrete resurfacing with a decorative concrete coating.

    New Bern Decorative Concrete
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Common Questions Concrete Companies Hear

    Is Decorative Concrete Durable?


    Yes! Concrete is among the world’s most durable building materials when it is installed correctly. Decorative concrete designs can last for many years if done by professional concrete contractors and maintained properly by homeowners.

    How Long Does Patterned Concrete Last?

    Decorative concrete lasts for 10 to 15 years. Even though it will have discolorations and cracks, in the ordinary course of its deterioration, the concrete will still be functional and aesthetically pleasing.