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    Concrete Crack repair

    Concrete cracks are unsightly details in your home that should not overlook. No matter how small or deep the crack is, leaving it unrepaired could cause you more problems in the future. 

    For your concrete repair needs, you can rely on our concrete contractors, as we are the leading company in New Bern, Craven County, North Carolina, East Carolina, and the surrounding communities.

    We are committed to providing you with the best possible solutions and results. Every concrete repair project we undertake is completed promptly, so you never have to suffer the consequences of your concrete problems for an extended period.

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    How We Carry On Our Concrete Repair Service

    For our concrete services, we start by planning, detecting, and executing the repairs through the use of quality equipment. Precisely, for concrete repairs, we follow these steps:

    Examine the Surface.

    We examine the type of surface that is affected by the crack. Different surfaces require different fixes. We make sure that our concrete company provides you with the correct repairs using our expertise and wise judgment based on our thorough examination.

    Identify the Source of the Issue.

    Our concrete company does not only look at the surface level. We deal with the problem’s root cause to provide a dependable and long-lasting solution. We do an external and internal inspection. After that, we’ll be prepared to address the problem and offer the best fix and tips to preserve the concrete after its restoration.

    Preparation of The Space.

    Before embarking on the job, we prepare the site where the surface crack is located. For example, for fixes in the living room, we clear out the furniture and devices that may be affected by our task. For exterior repairs, we clear out the plants and ornamentals near the site to avoid any damage.

    Repairing Concrete Crack
    Concrete Crack Repair in New Bern

    Maximize High-Quality Equipment.

    We invest in high-quality equipment to carry on the best course of action for your substantial damage. Our technologies help us to leverage our projects and finish our services promptly. We promise that our home improvement solutions will last for many years– significant credits to our equipment and skills!

    Quick repairs Are Made.

    It is usual for the job to take some time when it comes to concrete repair projects. However, you can count on us to finish the repairs in a time-disciplined manner without sacrificing the caliber of our work. Through our dedication to efficiency, you never have to deal with the ongoing project mess for so long. We maximize our time to fix your substantial damage within the deadline!

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    For residential and commercial properties in New Bern, Craven County, North Carolina, and East Carolina, we provide concrete repairs. We repair cracked concrete and ensure the restoration of the damaged area through our professional concrete contractors and equipment.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Common Questions Concrete Companies Hear

    Can new concrete be poured on top of old concrete?

    Yes. Concrete can be poured on top of old concrete. However, if problems like frost haves or cracks from your old concrete are not fixed, they will handover to your new concrete. Plus, it would be best if you also poured it so that it is at least two (2) inches thick. 

    In addition, pouring new concrete over old concrete may have drawbacks like reduced functionality, high maintenance costs, and more. Furthermore, if you’re not an expert, this might be more tedious than anticipated. Give this task to the professionals instead.

    How do you know if a crack in concrete is structural?

    Overloading, poor soil bearing, and subpar construction sites all contribute to structural cracks. These cracks can be found inside or outside the building. Specifically, on your foundation, the signs of structural cracks are the following:

    • Cracks in the stairwell.
    • Cracks on foundation slabs. 
    • Cracks on foundation beams.  
    • Wide vertical cracks.
    • Cracks that are 1/8″ wide.

    A structural crack is a warning sign that must not be ignored. Any delay in dealing with it would only make things worse. Repairs will cost more money and be more difficult. A qualified concrete contractor should be contacted instantly whenever you spot one.