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    Concrete Paving in the Making

    Our concrete company takes pride in our safety record and work quality in our concrete paving projects. We aim to build durable and customizable pavers in New Bern and nearby areas.

    We are concrete contractors who provide affordable home improvement projects. We have a fleet of slip-form pavements, roller screeds, and support tools for any project size. From a small concrete driveway to a full ramp reconstruction, we offer only the BEST.

    We produce and haul cement concrete using mobile batch plants on projects that need it. We use local materials to fulfill specific project requirements. Our crew is a team of experienced personnel who actively meet our client’s standards for a successful project.

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    We provide concrete services to all of New Bern, Craven County, North Carolina, and East Carolina. Call today and schedule a consultation to bring your vision to reality!

    Top 7 Reasons to Pave With Concrete 

    The significant benefit of concrete paving is its durability, with a lifespan of two to five times that of asphalt. Proper installation can last up to 20 to 50 years on average. Other than this pro, learn more about its advantages and why it’s the perfect choice for you in the next section.

    Concrete Paving in New Bern

    1. Concrete is Cost-effective.
    Concrete, unlike more expensive alternatives, has a minimal production cost. As it is inexpensive to produce, using it as a pavement material is the leading choice for you. Upfront payment is low and available, so you won’t have to look for limited materials.

    2. Concrete Paving Can Withstand High Temperatures.
    Unlike certain materials, concrete paving is heat-resistant and durable. Concrete can withstand temperatures of up to 1680 degrees Fahrenheit. When heated, concrete can hold its shape for 2-6 hours without shattering or burning. Thus, it is fire-proof and safe for you.

    3. Concrete is Customizable.
    Concrete is versatile. One of the advantages of concrete is that it is liquid when first mixed. Thus, allowing you to form it into various shapes and patterns. It is an ideal choice for affordable concrete paving with a unique appearance. Plan your designs with us, and we’ll make every detail work!

    4. Concrete is Resistant to Water.
    Water erodes the majority of building materials. Water causes damage to both wood and steel. Unlike them, concrete is water resistant. It takes much more time to outlast concrete paving than wood or metal structures. It is fit for both external and internal home improvement projects.

    5. Concrete is an Eco-friendly Choice.
    Any construction material requires a significant amount of energy. Yet, concrete requires lesser than others. And who does not want to contribute to making the plane more sustainable, right? Also, concrete paving installations can save up to 50% on your power bill.

    6. Betters Air Quality.
    Concrete is resistant to elements that cause allergic reactions. It is an interesting at-home remedy for asthmatics. Concrete’s non-porous nature prevents particles such as dust, dirt, and pollen from penetrating.

    7. Increases the Value and Appeal of a Home.
    Concrete paving broadens the potential for exterior design. With this paving material, you can increase home value and curb appeal. Upscale your concrete driveways and patios with concrete paving installed by our team!

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    Residential and Commercial Paving Services You Can Trust New Bern

    When you plan to install pavers, you must have a vision for the finished outcome in mind. We ensure that the vision is achievable—at the right price and on time. Our professional concrete contractors are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their work. We put only the best input and output from planning to designing to project completion.

    Get all the benefits of high-caliber paving for residential properties. We can handle even the
    most challenging large-scale commercial paving tasks. New Bern, Craven Country, and North Carolina paving projects collaborate with us.

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